Current projects:


  • hi-resolution Animations in 640x480x256 ( and in 600x400x256 )
  • combined with audio and interactive functions
  • they get really big, so there is no demo available here

vIRTUAL Worlds:

  • is a DOOM and MechWarrior2 LIke SVGA game-engine
  • supports now: 320x200x256 and 640x480x256 ( in short time: 640x400x256 )

Get a demonstration of the great facilities of our vIRTUAL Worlds ( ~100 kb ).


  • first version of our 640x480x256 SVGA-texture-mapping
  • it is not the fastest now, but it's correct

Have a look at some SVGA-textures ( ~34 kb )


  • a multimedial Authoringsoftware for DOS ( in Mode 101h ) LIke Director or Toolbook
  • supports animation, mouse-events, a script-language, scrollable texts and lots more...
  • we had an interesting conversation with some people from Uni-Worms at CeBIT 96, working on the same stuff
  • some Script-Language examples (beta-version) : Example1, Example2 and Example3
Test a first demonstration made with our DOS-Mag!
You need the WAD-File ( ~1 MB ) and the Interpreter & Animations ( ~690KB ) to run it.
Please have a look at it.

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