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23.02.1999 Updated the web-page and removed the frames in favour of simple tables.

31.06.1998 vIRtECH released a new toolkit for 3d-object-handling and -drawing (for mode 320x200x256 and 640x480x65536). Download Video3d.
12.02.1998 For all who downloaded one of our toolkit and have problems with it we composed a Toolkits-FAQ where we answered frequently asked questions.
14.01.1998 Do you know one of our TOOLKITS? The answer doesn't matter, because I only want to inform you, that we decided to make the complete source code available for public now and put them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
Go to the toolkits page for more information and download the toolkits.
12.01.1998 Download full-version of: These latest version include more graphics, sound and animation. And the best is they are totally free!

Go to the download directory.

I wrote three short reviews for the german computer magazine c't (6/96, page 255 and 258f). c't logo
12.05.1997 A new Java-Applet is online. Check out your biorhythm.
13.04.1997 The Software of the month Club - Volume 234 CD-ROM includes two of our classic games: Bomber Boy 1.1 and PCS Pinball.
PC Fun Pack Cover Release of the PC Fun Pack-CD ROM by Assistant Publishing.
This CD-ROM includesfour games written by vIRTUAL tECHNOLOGIES. An updated version of Bomber Boy and Pop't'balls. An unreleased 1942 like shoot'em up called Pacific Tiger and a Dart-simulator in SVGA Fun Darts.
All games have excellent graphics and animations. Systemrequirements are a 386DX with MS-DOS and SVGA-Graphicadapter.
19,90 DM, ISBN 3-932334-13-2
An articel about our video-system had been released in the famous german computer magazine c't (4/97, page 442).
Due copyright violations I can't publish the article here, but you might want to get the sources we released with this article. They include the basic video-system for 320x200, 640x400 and 640x480 with 256 colours.
c't logo
30.01.1997 New version of the 3dviewer is available at our miscellaneous page. Now it is able to zoom in/out like in MechWarriorII and it supports FakeTextures.
14.01.1997 You don't know the meaning of an acronym? Well just test the Acronym Expander. It'll expand your acronym and allows you to search in the acronym database.