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We made a compilation of our best demo-programs we wrote for the youth on research project. These are available via my ftp-server. You can download the files here (arj-format): If you have problems with downloading the files (your browser doesn't ask you to save the files) try this:
Press SHIFT and than click on the link.

CeBIT 1996
Our obligatory CeBIT-Demo is now available... get it! A real-time Super VGA animation with shaded polygon, Super VGA texture zooming and lot's of fast moving objects!
(386, 1MB RAM, 512 KB VESA VBE 2.0 compatible VIDEO-Card)
Download the demo CeBIT'96 (~96 kb) now!

Wormhole (source)
This wormholes-demo includes 6 different wormhole types. See a pixel wormhole like in 2nd-reality. Or a circle-wormhole, a line wormhole, a matrix wormhole, a polygon-filled wormhole or a shaded wormhole.
(286, 1MB)
Download the demo Wormhole (~18 kb) now!

Shades 'n Bobs (source)
See 3 really nice shaders (one inovative, a rainbow and a murder ).
(286, 1MB)
Download the demo Shades 'n Bobs (~78 kb) now!

Big Scroller
In this demo you'll see a 100 pixel high realtime sinus scroller using only one video page!
(286, 1MB, Mode-X, SB)
Download the demo Big Scroller (~100 kb) now!

Copper Scroller
Imagine this: This is an realtime copper bar scroller on the PC! Until today I have never seen an compareable program doing the same thing like COPPERSC!
(286, 1MB, Mode-X, SB)
Download the demo Copper Scroller (~7 kb) now!

This is my first try of a plasma effect! The reason why you should download this, is that it includes the SOURCECODE which is mainly written in ASM.
(286, 1MB)
Download the demo Effekt1 (~6 kb) now!