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[DIR] amstrad/ 21-Jan-97 20:52 CPCEmu-Images of programs/games I wrote a very long time ago... [DIR] c't 04.1997/ 21-Jan-97 20:52 The source I wrote for an article in c't 4/97. [DIR] demos/ 21-Jan-97 20:52 some little demos we wrote for PC [DIR] games/ 21-Jan-97 20:55 games we wrote [DIR] jufo97/ 03-Jan-98 20:55 programs for youth on research [DIR] pc_fun_pack/ 20-Jan-98 20:55 full versions of Bomber Boy, Pop't'ball, Fun Darts and Pacific Tiger [DIR] misc/ 21-Jan-97 20:56 - [DIR] research/ 21-Jan-97 20:58 what we are currently working on [DIR] toolkits/ 21-Jan-97 21:00 256 Color Toolkits, 64k Color Toolkits, CMF-Player, BigFileSystem ... [DIR] toolkits_source/ 21-Jan-97 21:00 the complete source code of ALL toolkits and some currently unreleased sources